Rover Ruckus



The Robot


The Collection

The intake is composed of a moveable ramped bucket with a compliant roller to allow balls and blocks to be collected. It can extend and retract to reach minerals all the way in the back of the crater. It then retracts to place the minerals into the deposit bucket. 

The deposit bucket has a curved lip that allows balls to roll out the side while the blocks slide underneath. This allows the balls an blocks to go into the respective sides of the lander.

Hanging Mechanism

Our Hanging Mechanism was inspired by the design of an archery release. It is able to hold up the weight of the robot using a locking bar to hold the claws closed around the latch on the lander. This locking bar is activated using a snail cam on a servo. This hanger is mounted onto a leadscrew which gives enough mechanical advantage to lift the robot up quickly.




Hudson valley regional tournament

1st Place Inspire Award

2nd Place Control Award

3rd Place Motivate Award

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

Dean's List Finalist - JQ Kocik

Albany Qualifying tournament - Hudson Valley Region

1st Place Inspire Award

2nd Place Think Award

2nd Place Design Award

Winning Alliance Captain

Dean's List Semi-Finalist - JQ Kocik

Saquoit Qualifying tournament - Excelsior Region

1st Place Rockwell Collins Innovate Award

2nd Place Connect Award

Winning Alliance 1st Pick

Sauquoit Finals Match 1







Sauquoit Finals Match 2


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